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The Dormitories of RTUD support the teaching and educational activities of the university, offering a home, adequate learning conditions for the students and keeping up the traditions of the Reformed College. The two dormitories offered by RTUD consist of the theological dormitory (16 Kalvin Square, 4026Debrecen) and the Maróthi György Student Hall (15 Blaháné Street, 4026Debrecen). The Kossuth Lajos III. Student Hall, which is under joint funding of Debrecen University and RTUD also offers accommodations (1 Egyetem Square, 4032 Debrecen)                                               


Theological Dormitory



Maróthi György Student Hall




 Kossuth Lajos III. Student Hall




Maróthi György Library
Address: 2, Füvészkert u., 4026 Debrecen,
Tel: + 36-52-502-786
Email : konyvtaratdrhe [dot] hu