Science and Arts

Committee of Science and Art

The task of the Committee of Science and Art is to carry out the scope of duties and spheres of actions prescribed by law, with special emphasis on the coordination, evaluation of scientific and artistic work  running at RTUD, assessing scientific and artistic plans of publications, organization of conferences and art events, preparation of conference volumes managing and modification preparations of the Regulation of Research-Financing Tender-Dossier and of Order of Awarding Honours and Titles by the University regulation, preliminary assessment of Regulation of Organization and Functioning of research institutes to be established. 

The main tasks of the Committee are:

  • to direct and assist the elaboration of the research-development-innovation strategy of the university, and its realization
  • to supervise the efficacy of the operation of the research institutes
  • to supervise the quality of artistic activities
  • to supervise the quality of scientific journals,
  • to supervise the activity of the Students’ Scientific Circle
  • to supervise the operation and development of the research and informatics infrastructure
  • to monitor and catalyze all levels of talent care
  • to check the distribution of different sources from tenders and publish research topics
  • to announce and  register the inner topics of research of the university and research projects involving the whole university according to titles and numbers
  • to take a position over matters submitted to the Committee by the President, the Senate or institutes.