Mission Statement


The Debrecen Reformed Theological University is an academic institution offering teaching and education in the service of the Reformed Church in Hungary. Its mission is to serve the whole church and the whole society by interpreting and communicating the truths of the Christian faith in today’s context.

In order to fulfil this mission, our University offers a wide range of study programs for training ministers, teachers of religion, for assisting Reformed Protestant intellectuals to obtain theological competences, and for professional development of ministers (life-long learning). Our institution wishes to educate students to become experts committed to the Reformed Church, faithful to the Word of God, cherishing Reformed mentality and theological traditions and who are ecumenically open.

The University contributes to the development of the universal Hungarian scholarship and to the enrichment of the values of the Hungarian national heritage, by offering teaching, education and doing research of high academic standards, and by the participation of its teachers in the academic, ecclesial and social forums. Being part of international academic networks, it contributes to the development of the study of theology in European and global contexts, too.

The Debrecen Reformed College and its Theological University is the centre of the spiritual and intellectual life of our region and it is an integral part of the Hungarian academic life, and as such, it builds on and develops further the centuries-long and precious traditions of the Debrecen Reformed College, an institute with a lasting impact on the shaping of the history of education in Hungary. The Debrecen Reformed Theological University’s primary academic partner institution is the Debrecen University, with which it maintains joint degree programs and common research projects.