International Relations

Our University, due to the history of the Reformed College of Debrecen, places great emphasis upon its international connections both in education and research.  Our students as holders of scholarships can study in German, English or Hungarian in the following countries: the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Our professors and lecturers regularly act as guest lecturers or do individual research in several foreign countries. Our extensive international connections go back to the ecclesiastical connections in the 16th century. At present these connections are supported by the grants awarded by the General Assembly of the Reformed Church in Hungary and by the financial support offered by the German Gustav Adolf Werk. At the same time the higher educational projects of the European Union, especially the ERASMUS+ project assists us in maintaining our old partnerships and extending the circle of our partners also for non-theological professors and students.

Our scholarships:

Erasmus+ mobility scholarships

CEEPUS network, scholarships for students and lecturers

Campus Mundi scholarships

Scholarships provided by the General Assembly of the Reformed Church in Hungary (for theological students)

Gustav Adolf Werk scholarships (for theological students)

Washingthon (USA), (for theologians)

New Brunswick (USA) (for theologians)

Voluntary service, diaconal year

International partners (colleges and universities)

Erasmus Office