Institutes and Departments


Institutes are organizational units which coordinate the educational activities of several departments and other units of education and research. An institute operates according to the basic principle: autonomy of the departments in the field of research and their activity strengthening cooperation.

Departments at the RTUD:

Institute of Theology: 

It is the responsibility of the Institute of Theology to supervise and run the ungraded Reformed theology programme, the Reformed theology and minister-training programme and the theology minor programme.

Ferenc Kölcsey Teacher Training Institute

It is the responsibility of the Ferenc Kölcsey Teacher Training Institute to supervise and run the basic teacher training programme (BA) and its special fields, higher level youth helper vocational training.


Departments are units of education, scientific research which are responsible for the proceeding of education, the choice of courses, the quality of teaching, examination requirements and their adherence, advertising of topics for theses and their acceptance, and their eventual consideration. They give an expert opinion on the comparison of similar courses performed in other institutions.

Doctoral Programme (PhD)

PhD School

The PhD School is an educational and scientific research unit which comprises different other units and offers organized training for PhD candidates.

Centre for Adult Education

The Centre for Adult Education is an educational unit that prepares, organizes and performs various adult educational programmes like registered training programmes, postgraduate courses for teachers, various preparation courses for special examinations for teachers, courses based on non-pedagogical qualifications. It is also responsible for registration, supplying of data and accounting tasks.