Educational Programmes

The responsibility of the Reformed Theological University is

  1. Higher level training of experts,
  2. Preparation of the students for the intellectual existence through the mediation of  the national and universal culture,
  3. Preparation of the students for the extension and application of knowledge
  4. Development and cultivation of  science, arts and culture,
  5. Development of the knowledge of the Hungarian language and of foreign languages, acquisition of terminology
  6. Contribution to the development of the knowledge of computer techniques, informatics and of the knowledge –based society.


The RTU performs in the fields of science, education and groups of professions put down in the articles of association

  1. Ungraded programs
  2. Bachelor of Art programs (BA)
  3. Master of Arts programs (MS)
  4. Doctoral (PhD) programs
  5. Higher level vocational training courses
  6. Postgraduate courses
  7. Adult education