Adult Education

The Centre for Adult Education is an educational supplier unit that prepares, organizes and performs various adult educational programmes like registered training programmes, postgraduate courses for teachers, various preparation courses for special examinations for teachers, and courses based on non-pedagogical qualifications. It is also responsible for registration, data management and accounting tasks.

The Adult Education centre is responsible for the preparatory tasks of authorization and registration of courses in accordance with legal regulations.

Further responsibilities of the Centre are:

  1. Organization and running of postgraduate courses for teachers within and beyond the borders of Hungary,
  2. keeping contact with the county educational centres, education-administration, governance bodies and centres of the region,
  3. keeping in touch with the Reformed Pedagogical Institute, the Board of Education of the Church District, the labour organizations of the Northern Region of the Great Hungarian Plain in order to assist the graduated students with finding positions,
  4. assisting the school-leaving and graduate students and students completing or having completed their courses in obtaining positions in the labour market and in fitting in the community,
  5. participating in the preparation, running and coordination of tenders
  6. organizing and running of events relating to the Adult Education Centre of RTUD.